Tom, first licensed in 1960 and active in Dxing since first getting on the air holds DXCC "Top of the Honor Roll" with 361 entities. Also held are DXCC Honor Roll in CW, SSB and Mixed modes, 5BWAZ, WPX and USACA.

In addition to operating from the home QTH, numerous Dxpeditions include GD5BBG, AL7EL/V7, AL7EL/KH9, K8XP/KH9, ZK1XXP, N4XP/BV, 9M6AAC, 9M0OO, N4XP/V7, K5K/KH5, SM/N4XP, ON9CXP, DL/N4XP, OK8XP, GW/N4XP, GD/N4XP, CT/N4XP and V73XP. In a number of these DXpeditions, Tom played a leadership role either as the DXpedition leader or as one of the co-leaders. These have included AL7EL/KH9, K8XP/KH9, ZK1XXP and K5K/KH5.

Tom was also one of the members of the founding team of the Scarborough Reef BS7H2007 DXpedition and served as a member of the management team.

With CW his mode of choice, Tom is a member of FOC since 1995.

Previous calls were W8FCI, K4TSJ and AL7EL.

Memberships are held in NCDXF, INDEXA , the Stafford DX Association and the Magnolia DX Association.

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